The Opportunity in the Coronavirus Shutdown

The Opportunity in the Coronavirus Shutdown
(Note the attached photo is of a manual T Y P E W R I T E R . . . your parents or grandparents may have used one. They were like computers, before computers were on your phone.)
The Opportunity in the Coronavirus Shutdown
Many people may not like me using the word “opportunity,” but I’ve spent my professional career seeking the Opportunity in every situation — good or bad — and if you want to remain in business for as long as possible (I’ve been at it for 30 years), then you should too.
These COVID19 Days are challenging times for all businesses, but especially small business, and especially businesses in the entertainment and food service and adult beverage industries.
I’m going to predict that the customers who order delivery or partake in curbside service at your restaurant or brewery are going to be your most loyal, regular customers. REWARD THEM!!! When they arrive or when you send out their order — give them something FREE, something to REMEMBER you by, and something to encourage them to RETURN. It may be a business card that offers them a Free Appetizer when they return to your business. It may be a refrigerator magnet. It may be a 1 ounce Brewhouse Legends Snack Sample Pack. REWARD THEM, THANK THEM, ENCOURAGE THEM TO RETURN!!!
You will also want to make sure your social media and website are up-to-date so customers know that you are in fact open and how they can place orders with you.
And don’t overlook signage! Vinyl outdoor banners or feather flag banners are a great way to attract attention and let customers know you are open.
Naturally, promotional marketing is our business at RAS Communications, and we are here to help you if you need any of those items mentioned above.
The key right now is SPEED. You need these items on hand NOW if you are going to start giving them away NOW. If your in-hand inventory is low (or non existent), let’s start TODAY. We have a variety of items which can quick-ship in a little over 24 hours. Your two-, three-, and five-year plans are no good if you aren’t still in business 60 days from now.
And your emergency promotional plan need not break the bank — and shouldn’t — you need to watch your bottom line. However for around $100 you can be in business to thank your most loyal, regular customers for helping keep YOU In business.
Russ Schultz
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