Political Campaigns


Since 2009, RAS Communications has been involved with numerous political campaigns — and second and third campaigns — in Chicago and beyond! Working with the same candidate from campaign-to-campaign allows RAS to help build the candidate’s brand identity and voice. During these campaigns, RAS handled every visual aspect: ad books, banners, billboards, door hangers, flyers, mailers, newspaper ads, posters, promotional items, signage, social media pages, event tickets, walk-cards, websites, and more! Just think of the efficiency and consistency we can bring to YOUR campaign!

We have worked with political campaigns on both sides of the aisle, from local union candidate elections to aldermanic campaigns, state representatives and senators, judges, and more. Can a national senator or presidential campaign be far behind??? Time will tell!

And when it comes to political campaigns, RAS does more than promote a pretty face, we can help you craft your message to engage the voters and grab their attention. Whether this is your first campaign or you have been in the game for a while, there really isn’t a down season, so let’s get to work today!

Are you a self-starter? Use this link political.promo to start searching for products and pricing on your own and start your order.

Prefer to have our team of campaign marketers help you through the process? Contact us today so we can discuss your needs and determine how RAS can best fit into your strategy!

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