The Beer Beautiful 2020 Calendar a complete SUCCESS!

RAS Communications in cooperation with the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild has successfully completed the official “Beer Beautiful 2020” Calendar.

Each month of this calendar features an image of beer or beers in a glass or can(s), as provided by the Member Breweries themselves, in response to our request via the ICBG Listserve.

We appreciate everyone who participated! Some breweries sent multiple images so we first had to make a choice of which particular photo from each brewery would make it to the next round. Then we had to get down to the business of picking the 12 photos we liked best — it was not easy!

Without further ado, we welcome you to Beer Beautiful 2020: A Celebration of Illinois Craft Brewers Guild Members brought to you by RAS Communications . . .

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Greetings Fellow Members of the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild!

How beautiful / fun / cool / awesome is YOUR BEER???

Beautiful / fun / cool / awesome enough to be ONE of ONLY TWELVE BEERS featured for a whole month on a 2020 Calendar???

RAS Communications is proud to be one of the newest Associate Members of the Guild and a Sponsor of FoBAB 2019. As a sponsor we are putting together just such a calendar (because that is part of our business) in cooperation with the Guild — and distributing hundreds of them at FoBAB — so TIME is of the essence here!


1) An image of your beautiful / fun / cool / awesome beer doing its thing . . . maybe it’s hanging poolside . . . maybe it’s at a ball game . . . maybe it’s Oktoberfesting . . . maybe it’s shredding guitar riffs . . . or heck, maybe it is just sitting at the taproom bar looking as pretty as a newly hatched baby that brings tears of joy to your eye. We know you have these pictures; we’ve seen them on your Facebook, your Insta, your Pinterest, your Untapped. NOW SEND US YOUR BEST!

2) The image can be a .jpg or .png.

3) It MUST BE HIGH RESOLUTION — so it should be an original picture taken with a digital camera or even a very good smart phone. (You CANNOT just pull one from your social media because those are not high enough resolution for printing).

4) The image must be horizontal / landscape orientation.

5) You should include all the particulars of your beer: name, style, ABV, IBU, SRM color, description. (Note: The beer you submit does NOT have to be your FoBAB beer.)

6) You should include all the particulars of your brewery: name, location, year established, brewmaster, website url, social media, etc.

7) You must have the rights to use the photo for this project — so it has to be YOUR photo or you must have authorization from the actual photographer to use of the image.

8) Photos should be submitted by email to <CONTACT US> If the images are too large to email, please let us know and we will make arrangements for electronic transfer.




  • Your beautiful beer will be proudly displayed as the feature picture for a month on a twelve month calendar, granting you all the bragging rights, privileges, and honours appertaining thereunto.
  • The calendar will include the major ICBG event dates.
  • About 1500 copies will be distributed at FoBAB 2019; one will be in your participating brewery swag bag.
  • Each winning brewery will receive 50 copies of the calendar to give out to your customers, partners, friends and family, etc


If we don’t receive enough submissions, we will kill this golden goose. The fine folks at RAS Communications will determine which photos make the cut. This calendar is being put together in the spirit of friendship, fellowship, and tasty, crafty beer. Please don’t muck it up! This opportunity is restricted to Members of the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild.


Questions? <CONTACT US>

Russell Schultz
Founder / Visual Marketing Communications Strategist . . . with a twist!
RAS Communications

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