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When RAS Communications started out, we offered graphic design services to small businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Over two decades later, these are still the mainstay of our operation, although we have added a nice assortment of larger business along the way!

Over the years we have developed a vast network of designers, illustrators, web developers, printers, promotional product vendors, and other marketing professionals so that we can help with whatever you may need to propel your brand an effectively communicate your organization’s message.

In so doing, the era of “one-stop-shopping” at RAS Communications emerged. This has helped us to become a “One Source” boutique for event organizers and marketers, political candidates/campaigns, and any business that wants to ensure a clear and consistent and constant interaction with their external and internal audiences (customers, clients, and employees).

So whether you are interested in social media marketing, print design, multi-page presentations or media, signs, or a new website or brand identity … with over 10,000 design projects under our belt, you name it, RAS Communications can design it!



Think Big. Start Small. Act NOW!
Before we design anything for our clients, we look at what you’re doing now and what opportunities exist to most effectively communicate your marketing message. We start with an Advertising Analysis. We look at what you are currently doing to market your business, products, or services. We try to judge what seems to be working and where you may be wasting money.

Then we develop a Mini-Marketing Plan. At this step, we set specific goals for your next marketing effort. We decide how we will attempt to reach these goals, and in what time frame. We focus on to whom we will be marketing and your budget. We then proceed with our agreed upon strategy and monitor our successes!

It is this very process that helps us to find the most efficient and cost-effective way of marketing your organization. With each project we complete, we learn a little more about you and your customers, enabling us to serve as the creative resource accountable to your bottom line.

At RAS Communications we pride ourselves on being
 THE creative resource accountable to your bottom line — results delivered on time and within budget!  


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