Beginning Somewhere Near The Middle

After years, decades really, of working as a freelance Visual Marketing Communications Strategist — Graphic Designer/Art Director/Creative Director/Chief Creative Officer — and creating over 10,000 design projects for hundreds of clients, where does one begin to showcase one’s work in a design portfolio?

A designer’s latest work is oftentimes one’s best, and truest to form and style, but one runs the risk of showcasing too much work provided to one’s most active client — especially when simultaneously aiming to highlight one’s ability to stay true to a brand’s look and feel, and demonstrate brand consistency over time.

And while every designer wants to be able to show they can make brilliant art full of color and special effects, at the end of the day, the portfolio must be able to demonstrate design and typography acumen, ability to communicate, ability to motivate, and ability to accomplish the client’s objective.

So this “Design Guy” plans to post, add, and adjust as new projects hatch and legacy treasures are digitally unearthed, and begin somewhere near the middle. Enjoy.


Russell Schultz

Visual Marketing Communications Strategist . . . with a Twist!

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