2021 CPD Police Operations Calendars COMING SOON!!!

The RAS Communications 2021 CPD Police Operations Calendar is COMING SOON!!! Order Yours TODAY!

After years of inquiries, technology and printing efficiencies now allow us to provide 13″ x 18″ DESK PAD CALENDARS. Each page displays one Operation Calendar month, as shown below, without any images — so your notes, day off groups and court key codes have no place to hide! The calendar has a cardboard backer and two blue leatherette corners at the bottom of the pad. Because of their size, these calendars will only be shipped to a home address, free of charge. And, because we love to offer great deals, if you buy a Desk Pad Calendar ($20) plus a Photo Wall Calendar ($10), we will give you another Photo Wall Calendar FREE! (FREE!)

NEW FOR 2021 . . . CPD OPERATIONAL 13″ x 18″ DESK PADS! Order Yours TODAY!




The 2021 RAS CPD Police Operations Calendar marks the 23rd year that we have been providing calendars to Chicago’s Finest Men and Women . . . and the family and friends who need to keep track of them. Thank you for your continued support!

Following our 2020 calendar format, the 2021 calendar has a photo accompanying each monthly calendar page! This is always a major undertaking because locating high-resolution, quality photos of Chicago Police Officers in their natural settings are often difficult to come by. With 2020 being soooo 2020ish we decided to use HISTORIC PHOTOS on our 2021 calendars. We trust you will approve! 

The 2021 RAS CPD Operations Calendars will feature an historic photo for each month!

Please use the Pay Pal Button below to order your RAS 2021 CPD Operations Calendar(s).

PLEASE NOTE: Any order which is not hand delivered to a District or Unit — be sure to include your District/Unit, Watch, and Star Number — will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail for $2 per calendar, and $1 for each additional. FAILURE TO ADD THE APPROPRIATE SHIPPING FEE WILL RESULT IN THE ORDER BEING CANCELED. Thank you for your appropriate action.

  1. Enter the appropriate shipping option.
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  4. You will enter the number of calendars and payment information after clicking the  “Buy Now” button.

    BUY 2 and GET 1 FREE!!! For EVERY 2 Calendars you order and pay for, we will include a third for FREE!!! (Just mark the 2 and we will add the third on our end. If you put “3” in your order quantity, you will be charged for 3! We will still include the fourth for free, but you will pay for three. Got it?)

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  1. I need to order 16 desk calendars and 7 wall calendars for my unit 079 Special Investigations. It looks like I can only order one at a time on the website. Can you help me do a large order?

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