ONE STOP saves you time and money!
Because RAS Communications is a one-stop shop for all your visual marketing needs, when you have decided to invest in Advertising Specialties, we can prepare your logo or information for the production process. While most companies will charge you between $50 and $100 an hour for this services, at RAS Communications it is FREE!

Additionally, while a one-month time frame to prepare for an Advertising Specialty campaign is ideal, when absolutely, positively, necessary, RAS Communications comes through in a pinch. While we would rather work with an ideal time frame, on numerous occassions, RAS Communications has put together Ad Specialty campaigns in little more than one week! Very few in the Ad Specialty industry would even consider taking on such a challenge. We have, we do, and we get the job done!

What's more, when you need several visual marketing tools (ad specialties, brochures, business cards, etc.) -- such as for a trade show -- RAS Communications can put it ALL together for you.

We LOVE Ad Specialties and it shows!
Few things get us more excited than the newest, coolest, advertising specialties. We get the latest updates from thousands of promotional product manufacturers and we share them with our clients. Market on the cutting edge -- stick with RAS Communications.

We're not afraid to go cheap!
In addition to shopping the newest and coolest, we keep our Ad Specialty feelers tuned in to our manufacturer's CLOSEOUT SPECIALS. When Ad Specialties closeout, the most affordable marketing tools get even more affordable! And when we know about these great deals, our clients know about them too.

Enough talk ... let's shop!

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