What are Advertising Specialties?
An advertising specialty is any item used to promote your organization, product, or service. The item is imprinted with your logo, contact information and/or message.

Who uses Advertising Specialties?
Everyone. Think for a moment how many items you have in your home or at work that are imprinted with the name of your bank, insurance agent, doctor, the local store, restaurants, schools and other organizations. These are items you probably use every day -- pens, magnets, keychains, t-shirts, caps, calendars, etc. the list goes on, and on, and on. And do you know why they use them? Because they work!

What makes Advertising Specialties so special?
Several things.

Since they are generally inexpensive, your organization can give away ad specialties to build goodwill with potential customers as well as your current customers. People love free gifts. When they receive a gift from your organization, you are viewed in a much more positive light and people like to do business with those they like ... like people who give them free gifts!

Advertising specialties have a tendency to stay around for a LONG time. If someone keeps an ad specialty you give them, chances are pretty good they will keep it for AT LEAST three months. More than likely, they'll keep it for six months, a year, or more. Think about the ad specialties we asked you about a moment ago. How long have you had them? A long time time, right? The longer your name or message sits in front of your customers, the more they are exposed to your organization, the more likely they will call upon you when they need your products or service.

Unlike other forms of advertising (tv, radio, newspapers), advertising specialties allow you to zero in on your best customers and prospects. And as everyone knows, the key to successful marketing is to FOCUS on your target market. Ad specialties will help you do this and therefore result in more effective use of your money.

Why is specialty advertising so effective?
All advertising depends upon the customer being ready, willing and able to respond to an ad. Trying to have your advertising reach your customer at that exact moment is close to impossible. Advertising specialties wait for the customer to get ready. All other forms of advertising is lost if it doesn't hit at the perfect time.

Do I have to spend a lot of money to be sure my advertising will work?
No. Properly designed advertising specialty campaigns are investments in your organization, not an expense. To be sure your return on that investment is a good one, it is not necessary to invest in large budgets. Programs are developed to fit your budget -- even under $100 -- and can be expanded as your organization grows.

How do I know which Advertising Specialty items to use??
Oftentimes the specific item you will use is the last thing decided upon. First you must determine how many items you will need, how soon you will need your ad specialties, and your budget. Using the FREE RAS Mini-Marketing Planner will help you develop an EFFECTIVE advertising plan, including product selection.

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